An introduction to Brij Kala

Brij Kala is an art form that comprises music, dance, singing, and painting based on Lord Krishna’s life, his leelas (divine play, adventures), and his teachings. Artists learn the art when they are young and perform at various events within neighboring regions. Today, some artists choose to promote Brij Kala through photography, leading to beautiful moments and stills. However, with the emergence of western art forms within the country, Brij Kala is on the verge of extinction.

Brij Lok Kala Foundation (BLKF)

Brij Lok Kala Foundation (BLKF) is a non-profit organization established in the US with the mission of promoting Brij Art & Culture and providing a means of living to the artists. Brij Art & Culture is on the verge of extinction, and we want to play a vital role in making sure it is passed down to the next generation. BLKF’s main associative charity is the Brij Lok Kala Manch Samiti (BLKMS) in India.


BLKF’s mission is to grow awareness around the world about Brij Kala in its original form and inspire individuals to take this art to a global audience and also provide employment to the people, especially women who live in those villages


BLKF’s vision is to preserve the Brij art & culture in its true art form, creating opportunities for more than 100 million people worldwide by 2030 to participate in events, visit the Brij region, and collaborate on projects and programs.

Brij Lok Kala Manch Samiti (BLKMS)

Brij Lok Kala Manch Samiti (BLKMS) is the original foundation established in India in 1980 by Mr. Ramesh Chandra Sharma. His son, Mr. Vishnu Dutt Sharma is the Secretary and Founder. The Sharma family created this organization to preserve the art and culture of the Brij region. They feel Brij Kala has a significant chance of losing its historic charm, and even dying out given the advancement of Western music and dance in India. BLKMS is also impaneled at the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR).

Donate Now

Donate now Brij artists have little to no formal education nor the proper equipment that most artists are privileged with. Imagine what Brij artists could do if they were given the same resources as your average artist! A donation will go a long way in financially helping these artists improve their work, thereby, improving the art itself!