Dhol Welcome

The Braj Dhol-Tasha tradition is one of the ancient traditions to welcome a guest. In ancient times at palaces Gods, guests, and kings were welcomed with the rhythmic beats of “Nagadas (big drums). This kind of welcome made the guests feel special and the vibrations of these drums spread positivity and happiness in the environment.

This tradition is one of the most beautiful examples of inclusiveness as it allows people from all ages, gender, and walks of life to join as participants, creating a Rhythm Ensemble which showcases the diversity of the tradition wonderfully. These participants also give it their heart and soul not only in drumming but also in performing the associated dance. That’s the magic of music, once the rhythm takes over, your mind, body, and soul are all aligned in perfect sync.

The origin of the rhythms of Braj dhol-tasha traces back roots in Vrindavan, Mathura.

Even though playing in a Dhol-Tasha Pathak requires an immense amount of physical and mental energy, the belief that playing the drums is a spiritual experience makes every participant in the Pathak endure it with a smile on their face, and playing it with a group makes it even more powerful, satisfying and sacred.

At Braj Lok Kala Manch Samiti, we offer this high-pitched rhythmic ensemble for special pooja, celebrations, wedding ceremonies, or even welcoming foreign delegates coming to experience our rich culture. After listening to this vibrant music every person present will be charged with high spiritual energy and any negativity in the environment will be destroyed.